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The Importance of Using Secondary Air Injection System

With a secondary air injection system your exhaust stream can be injected with fresh air. This results in the proper combustion of exhaust gases. There are two methods that can categorize secondary injection systems and these are the inspirited air injection and the pumped air injection. Here are some of the benefits of using the secondary air injection pump.

When cold starting, there are hazardous substances emitted, but this can be reduced with a secondary air injection pump. An affluent mixture is required if cold starting your petrol engine is to be a good one. Carbon dioxide and unburned hydrocarbon are produced during the process of cold starting by the mixture. During cold starting, the oxygen sensor emission, and the catalytic converter are still below their operating temperature. This then allows the toxic chemicals to escape into the atmosphere. It is possible to minimize the harmful substances escaping during cold starting and this is with the use of the secondary air injection pump. With the secondary injection pump, a high level of oxygen is contained in it which is injected to the exhaust gas manifold easily to the downstream of the exhaust valve. When toxic substances are oxidized by the presence of oxygen, then there will no longer be any harmful substances but the end product is carbon dioxide and water which is very safe. Heat is produced by the secondary air injection during this process. This heats the catalytic converter. The time it takes for the oxygen sensor emission to control the process is also reduced.

The environment is protected when secondary air injection is used. The environment is protected since the high concentration of carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons are reduced during cold starting. It helps decrease harmful substance emission in the atmosphere. There are emission standards that are currently being upheld that you can comply with. Secondary air injection pumps are very useful in cleaning leftovers.

This injection pump uses a fault for safety. You can identify the fault during cold starting in the form of oscillating speed and the whistling noise. Faults in the air injection pumps are signaled by an engine indicator lighting. When this lights, then the vehicle can turn to reduced performance which is actually an emergency operation.

Another benefit of using a secondary air injection system is that it is free of maintenance. If there are long maintenance intervals, damage to mixture preparation, use of poor quality engine oils and fuels, etc., then it can lead to the soiling and sticking of the secondary air valves. But when your secondary air system is working perfectly, then you can easily pass the roadworthiness test of your vehicle.

These are just some of the benefits of using secondary air injection pumps which can help your vehicle and the environment greatly.

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